We run an annual course named “Ultrasound At The Front Door” at Birmingham City Hospital designed for all healthcare professionals delivering care within acute settings. This course is accredited for FUSIC Heart (previously known as ‘FICE’), FUSIC Abdo/Thoracic/Vascular, FAMUS and Thoracic Level 1 Ultrasound.

Our most recent course date was the 4th March 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to predict the next date but future courses will be advertised on twitter and detailed on this page.

Our course focuses on providing novices with the skills to perform point of care ultrasound (POCUS) of the following organ systems:

  • Heart (echocardiography).
  • Thoracic/Lung.
  • Abdominal – including renal tract, gallbladder, FAST/free fluid.
  • Neuro – optic nerve sheath, lumbar puncture.
  • Vascular access.

If you are interested then please leave us a comment below or email

87% of delegates from our latest course said it "exceeded their expectations".

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"Great course for the general physician, excellent course, would recommend to colleagues."
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"Very useful and relevant course. Much more confident, especially at thoracic US."
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"Very useful. Lots of practical sessions were useful. Handout of main things to look for useful. Very useful, especially the normal and pathology echo lectures."
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"Well structured, many opportunities for hands on experience. Some stations may have been too short (allocate more time if possible). Overall excellent course. My 4’s will improve to 5’s with practice."
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“Detailed, well structured course, extremely relevant, loved the echo session, need machines at our workplace, feel empowered, echos make so much more sense now. Now will do the e-learning, well presented lectures, clear power point slides.”
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“Excellent course for all of those involved in management of patients in acute setting."
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“Really enjoyed the day. Very useful introduction, will aim to practice further. Only thing would be good to add peripheral vascular access, even if visualise only, or model it in same way as pleural tap and try and get to grips with cannulas and probe."
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"Excellent course, well conducted, got ample time to practice."
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April 9, 2021 5:13 pm

Hi – ICM/acute med trainee here. Very interested to know when you’ll be next running this course (as will be my husband who is also an ICM/Anesthetics trainee). I don’t have twitter so i’ve left email below.
Many thanks